Meet Our Team

Back Bay Local Marketing was originally co-founded by Patrick Burke & Nicole Chow.

After working for Internet search engine for 5+ years, back when Lycos was mentioned in the same sentence as Google, Yahoo, and MSN, an incredible passion for Internet Marketing was born for Patrick and Nicole.

For over the past ten years, they have been living and working in the hotbed of technology, innovation, and education of Boston, MA, which has created an invaluable network of resources in the local and global Internet space. They have always been firm believers in getting behind a product or service that is one’s true passion, where it does not feel like ‘work’. Their latest venture has them working directly with local small businesses, applying their knowledge and Internet Marketing skills, where clients can maximize their online presence.

They are executing search engine marketing strategies, driving targeted leads/phone calls through their diversified efforts, where results can be quantified, unlike offline traditional advertising.

Patrick and Nicole have experience across the board when it comes to creating a product, and promoting diverse business models online.

Here are just two examples of businesses they launched: – Direct response marketing product building a global basketball coaching network. – E-commerce store focusing on one niche, yoga bags.

They have now decided to take their knowledge and apply it to the fostering of growth for local small businesses.

Patrick and Nicole pride themselves on going the extra mile. It is commonplace that the team at Back Bay Local Marketing is working 7 days a week, ensuring that they over-deliver for their clients. They have the utmost confidence they can deliver results, where their ultimate satisfaction is helping a client, and improving their bottom line.

Feel free to contact Back Bay Local Marketing for a free site analysis via video. Patrick and Nicole would like to get a better understanding of your business, and explore how their strategies can be applied to your market.